Have you joined the co-working revolution yet?

Have You Joined The Co-Working Revolution Yet?

The population since I was born in 1966 has gone from 3.5bn to 7bn.

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“By the year 2020, the largest employer in the developed world will be ‘self.’ ” ~ Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman of MIT Media Lab.

The old industrialised economy and capitalism is failing and is being replaced by the digital ideas economy

The old style ‘paid for employment’ jobs are declining and can no longer be seen as secure, if you’re employer doesn’t need you that’s it no job – they are your only client. Once unemployed, it is going to take you a long time to find a new job.

Also the prospects for young people in terms of paid for employment are dire, over 1 million in youth unemployment.

No pensions, living and working longer

Not only are there a lot of us, but we’re all living longer too.

Bad news, there will not be sufficient money for early retirement on large pensions and therefore we will have to work much longer in to our lives.

However, we won’t want to be doing a 9-5 job for somebody else all that time, we will want to get our work life balance sorted, this can only be achieved through self-employment.

A good number of well-paid corporate executives are deeply unhappy in their jobs paralysed by fear of losing what they have.

There are no barriers now to self-employment

A good idea has and always will be the pre-requisite for success.

However, before now you needed a good deal of cash too, as you needed staff, an office, a phone system, software, servers, pc’s ….the list was endless.

Now there aren’t those barriers, all you need is that good idea and an Internet connection. In fact the only barrier now is ourselves and nothing else.

Once you have the idea and the internet connection, then you can use social media, guerrilla marketing, outsourcing, Cloud IT, VoIP, crowd funding, sharing, co-working and collaboration to propel your enterprise forward.

The challenge for self-enterprise

So how can all these self-enterprises succeed without loans from the bank in a struggling world economy?

The answer is simple – share. But where do you go to share with others?

Most new enterprises are hard up for cash and therefore mistakenly many choose to work from home and end up becoming isolated and lacking in motivation.

So they migrate to coffee shops, which initially gives them a boost of seeing others and talking to the barista instead of your pets at home.

But soon again realising, they replaced the isolation of home with yet more isolation and now added poor wi-fi, no charging points, noise and cost.

So then some make the mistake of taking an office, yet more unnecessary expenses, as our research has proven that most desk occupiers, if they squeezed all their hours actually spent at their desk starting on 1st of January, they would be finished by the early May, yet paying for it until the end of the year. You have now given your fledgling self-enterprise a huge albatross around its neck with a lease/contract.


The co-working solution where you can share with others

The solution is to co-work and go to a co-working space, where it’s normally relatively commitment free beyond say a few hours or a month, and where you can connect with other like-minded self-enterprises.

You can network with them learn and hear new ideas, get a buzz and even find your future business partners or customers. This is where sharing will happen.

The sharing world

The old economy was all about self now it’s all about sharing. If you share and help others, they will help you too. We are as human being shared wired to reciprocate, so by helping others and sharing, they will do the same and that will help your self-enterprise grow.

In addition, by collaborating with others you fill the skills gap that you have that you may need at that moment to service your client’s needs and grow your business.

None of us are good at everything, so work with others in collaboration who have what we don’t – but don’t employ them.

In addition not only will co-working enhance your ideas and skills, but you can barter your skills with others so instead of paying a company to build your website or help with your social media, they might do it for you in return for your skill.

That’s how the sharing economy will allow small self-enterprise to prosper and grow.

In summary

So essentially co-working enables you and your business to connect to others, network and create new opportunities and then grow through sharing with others helping you.

The other thing that co-working offers is a real life social media network and it takes it from the ether in to a business community in a physical location that you can tap in to as and when it suits your needs versus taking a long-term office contract or being isolated at home/coffee shop.

It is no surprise then that co-working globally is on a ‘hockey stick’ growth curve and that once you have chosen self-enterprise you will find that collaboration, sharing and helping will liberate the way you work forever.

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