My 30 day challenges, day 30, THE END – by Philip Dodson

Yes all 8 challenges completed 100% for every day for 30 consecutive days – YES.

I didn’t climb Everest, I did swim the channel, I didn’t run a marathon. But I do feel a real sense of achievement and it proves that many small goals, taken day by day, will lead to big results.

I wanted my last blog to be a monumental one, but given I left home at 5:40am and I got home at 22:30 – I’ve simply run out of time.

I wanted to do a collage of all the photos that I took on each of the 30 days, but that will take time, so I’ll save that for the weekend.

Today’s picture is of Krusty aka Bernie Mitchell. We had a great workshop at the hub this evening on collaboration, service design and service proto-typing from Simon & Phillippa from Redfront.

pic 30

Essentially, in a team with Karl & Bernie, we picked a random card, ours was the 8 of clubs. From this we had to come up with a service inspired by this. Then design the customer, then how we’d attract them, finishing off with a service prototype.

We came up with the After 8 gambling club in Euston, a rather seedy throw back to the 1970’s, in a basement, wait….

Our customer was Krusty, a middle aged wine bar owner in north London, who drove an old jag, was a property agent by day and liked old style clubs.

We tempted him to our club with complimentary fizzy drinks, peanuts, dancing girls and a place to gamble. At the end we made an advert, which once I have a copy, I will share. It will either be a hit or a total flop!

However, the great thing to come out of the evening is, in just 2 hours, working in collaboration, we designed a service, customer journey, fleshed out the details of the marketing and delivery, even made an advert.

So if you’re prepared to focus and be creative, then anything is possible and a lot easier and quicker than you imagine.

A great way to end my 30 days of challenges.

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