My 30 day challenge, day 5 – by Philip Dodson

So it’s day 5 and all still on course, no slip ups yet. Although, I am sat in my kitchen at home at 20:40 just starting to write today’s and the temptation of the ‘vices’ are there, distracting me. So it’s head down and focus.

Today’s picture came from standing waiting for a tube and the yellow line, that you MUST NOT CROSS really stood out.

photo (5)

There are restrictions in life and some of them are sensible, like here. Although, I for one would not stand right near the edge of a train platform, with or without the yellow line being painted, or someone announcing “please remain behind the yellow line as the train approaches”.

My thought for today is, that we live in a world that now, more than ever, is all about restricting, about confining and ‘prevention’. Yet no one is willing to look at the root cause or if they do, they would rather just restrict, than face the challenge.

The people who hold the power want to protect the status quo in the world and therefore stifle any real change by imposing yet more control.

The cause of most of the challenges we face globally is, the self-preserving old school system. The one that will only do whatever is needed to ensure re-election and to satisfy their sponsors, usually mega wealthy/mega large corporations.

The thing they fear more than ever and are desperate to restrict, is the Internet and the unregulated networks that have formed. Social media is now connecting like minded, disenfranchised souls, who may rise up and challenge the old school establishment. Uh oh quick, shut that down and fill children’s and parents’ heads with nonsense about the ‘dangers’ of the ‘wicked’ online world.

Well, we need a massive global revolution to get rid of the greed, the materialism, in fact all the ‘isms’, that have all run their courses and lead mainly to failure. We need to bring back community, where people share and collaborate to help everyone. We need to remove restrictions and encourage true creativity and innovation. We are going to need some special technological advances to cure the issues the 7 billion souls on this planet are facing.

It won’t happen by restricting, controlling, and continually creating a dependency on a system, which aims to keep us in a state of never ending consumerism, purely for the financial gain of the mega wealthy old school minority.

So I urge you all – throw off the restrictions, cross that line, not in front of the train, but stop accepting what has always been the way of doing things, as the only way of doing things. Rise up and get others to do their bit to change the system that controls us.

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