The best thing about being alive today…

The best thing about today is that I am still alive and kicking, I am still connected to the world, I am breathing, I am able to enjoy a moment of fun, to laugh, to cry, to feel the rain, to feel the cold, to feel the heating, to eat a slice of pizza, to walk the dog, to tell someone that I love them. I can write this blog, do my art and choose to be happy.

I am able to experience so many things, I can choose what I am going to do with the next 7 hours of the day. I am healthy, I have nothing to worry about, well no life or death worries, I am able to do what I like, I have complete freedom over my choices.

This is something that I am likely to have tomorrow, but beyond the next few days, perhaps, then there is no certainty.

There are many in this world today who suffer, who do not have this freedom, who do not have everything. So, this is a perspective that I can choose to take, to be grateful, to be content with what I have.

Once we can reach this place, then there are no barriers to what we choose to do with our lives, sure in the short-term, we may not have enough money to achieve all that we want right now, but with patience, and with purpose, I am, and you are, capable of achieving whatever we want in life. We just need to start from a position of gratitude, already being worthy regardless of our achievements/money/size of house/car/etc…, and completely content with what we already have.

The poorest people, financially, in the world can start from this position every day, and many do. In fact, often the more financially wealthy people become, the poorer they become at being content and grateful. The more dissatisfied they are.

So, the best thing about being alive today is the most amazing life I have had, I have got and I can choose to have, simply by being grateful, letting go and being content.

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