My 30 day challenges, day 23 – by Philip Dodson

Day 23, the challenges are being done almost on auto-pilot now, although starting to do my blog at 10.05pm having been up since 5.45 am is a slight struggle today.

So it’s short and sweet tonight. Today’s picture is taken towards Tower Bridge from London Bridge.

day 23

London is a great city, I have lived and worked in many different countries and spent time in some great cities. But London tops them all for me.

However, what struck me about walking through the City Of London, from the shiny tower that is Heron Tower, all the way over London Bridge to catch a train, is what is going to happen to all these giant corporate ‘shards’ of glass and steel?

The world is changing, we are moving away from the old school large corporations, to the brave new world of small, start-ups, freelancing and self-employment. The never ending increases in the cost of commuting and technology, that means we can now work anywhere, what will happen to our city centres? We’ve seen the death of retail on the high street, we will in my opinion see the decline of large corporations.So may be The Shard or the Walkie-Talkie building, will be the last of the corporate ‘trophies’, built for the ego’s of the old school world.

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