My 30 day challenges, day 9 – by Philip Dodson

Today is day 9 and I have been below par all day. However, I have been determined to keep going with all my challenges. At one point the jar of Nutella looked very tempting.

Today’s picture is a screen shot and as it is #SMWLDN my thoughts for today are on #SocialMedia

pic 9

I never got social media until more recently, I dismissed it as something to talk nonsense on and for the youths. People used tell me how it was great for business too.

So I started to use Twitter and commenced tweeting. I signed up to various automated feeds, that I thought were relevant for my biz at the time, so I could fill my timeline without having to do it. I tweeted about my business with sales messages too. I followed all the celebs, business leaders etc, etc and anyone who followed me (not sure now on reflection why they would have done!!) I instantly followed back.

Guess what? that strategy was a total disaster!

Then I started to apply my own thoughts to it, dropping what others had told me and dropping what I had read from so called ‘experts’. I concluded that the way to make social media work, as with everything else in life, was to focus on people and relationships.

The success started to come the moment I did this, the moment I stopped applying ‘strategies’ and started to talk to people and engage in conversations. I was just myself with the opinions and views that I am passionate about. From that point on, social media worked, as it’s about having something to say that’s your words, talking with others, following people you relate to, and about building relationships, that transfer in to real life 1-2-1 meetings and beyond.

So my advice, don’t be a robot, be a person.

If you are wondering from the pic where are the Twitter & Facebook apps? They now sit at the bottom of the screen on my iPhone, as I use them more now than email & phone.

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