My 30 day challenge, day 2 – by Philip Dodson

Today is day 2 of my “30 day” challenges and I am happy to report that I completed all 8 yesterday.

So here’s day 2’s picture

photo 2

Today, I went to a networking breakfast, organised by Bernie Mitchell of Engaging People – pictured above conducting proceedings. Today’s discussion, led initially by myself, was all about the changing way in which we work and how co-working is growing, as rapidly as, the rise in self-employment.

It was a really interesting debate and I threw in a few ‘hand grenades’, such as the bold statement that ’email was dead’ and ‘marketing no longer matters’.

But the real gem from today was, a great chat sat on a bench with Bernie afterwards – a philosophical discussion, which touched on some shared passions, even talking about a ‘cult’ forming around helping others & the sharing economy. Kissing goodbye to the old school world.

This is why for me connecting, networking and people, is what matters in life and I am blessed with knowing some great people, Bernie being one of them.

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