blog fears

The blank page.

The empty head.

The fear of starting.

The scariness of words.

Who will read it?

Who will like it?

Who will criticise it?

Who cares what you have to say?

Just type, it’s an unknown thing life and what we do, has no guarantees.

The magic is the uncertainty and caring about the process and not giving a care about the outcome.

Blog fears are scary when we focus on the published outcome, not the process of creating it.

2 years of continuous daily blogging and one big lesson.

Yesterday’s blog was my 730th blog in a row. Wow, two years of continuous daily blogs.

This is what I wrote last year, after a year, on the 19 things I had learnt – click here.

The 19 things that I had learnt in the 1st year still remain true.

This year I have learnt one more BIG thing to add to the list.

By blogging every day, it enables me to talk to myself each day and share it. That is powerful.

Hitting publish makes it public and that is great for bravery and accountability and it is scary at times too. But fear is good, it is a motivator and an inspiration.

I feel the good pressure of trying to apply my own advice and trying to live by what I say and that is a hard but a very worthwhile challenge to have in life.

Do I succeed every day? Well, perhaps that is for others to answer, but I know that I don’t every day. However, it is getting even better as the days pass.

Progress is all that we can ask for in life and it is as always the tiny steps and being compassionate to yourself that matter. It is at our own pace and choice.

So in my head, I can say to myself ‘well done Philip’ and give myself a pat on the back.

Now for year 3 and thanks to all of you who take time to read my blogs.