Show up

If you ever feel like life is dealing you a bad hand or you’re not getting what you deserve, then stop and think, do I show up in my life? Or am I expecting others to show up and deliver things for me?

Do you perhaps tell yourself it is bad luck, or others are better?

If, hand on heart, you can answer ‘yes, I always show up’ then you won’t be feeling unlucky, or like you are being dealt a bum hand and life will be going well.

Showing up is the only way to create what you really want in life. That means matching your action with your thoughts or words. Staying true to your values wherever possible is a key component in showing up.

Stand up and put your hand ‘in the fire’, not in some macho way, but be true to yourself, deliver what you say inside your head and keep going, keep showing up no matter how hard it is.

A major part of success is about commitment and no letting yourself down, it is about being there when it is hard, when you don’t feel like it, and staying brave. It is about repetition and doing daily steps to keep your momentum going.

Showing up has a huge reward, like any habit, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, the results engender more confidence and there’s a massive feel good factor that encourages more action.

So when we feel like not going, not doing, not taking action, remember that if you don’t show up in your life, then you end your momentum, you destroy your credibility with others and more importantly with yourself.

It is always harder to start something than it is to keep it going. The longer you keep it going the more the habit becomes ingrained and will become routine and easy.

Show up for yourself, we owe it to ourselves.

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